Links to installation media, programs, utilities and more.

Useful links collected on one page. Installation media, programs, tools and mush more

Make installation media for Windows 10

Download Windows 10, English

Download Windows 10, Swedish

Download Linux installation media. For fastest download speed, use qBittorrent if possible.

Ubuntu, Gnome desktop

Kubuntu, KDE Plasma desktop

Manjaro, Recommend KDE Plasma desktop

Make/”Burn” installation media to a USB stick

Download Rufus
Instructions on most languages on the Rufus site

Mass install the most used programs with Ninite. Just mark all programs you want and download a small installation file.
Everything will install and configure automatically.

I have made a Ninite-installation with the “standard programs”most users need.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • qBittorrent, For downloading huge files. Like for example Linux or Windows installation files etc.
  • FileZilla, File Transfer program
  • Notepad++, Powerful text editor
  • Zoom, Online meetings
  • Skype, Online Video calls
  • Thunderbird, Mail program
  • Steam, Needed for games
  • VLC, Video player
  • Foobar2000, Great music player
  • Spotify, Online streaming music
  • .NET, needed for some programs. Just as good to install directly
  • TeamViewer, Remote control computers
  • CDBurnerXP, CD burner software
  • Gimp, Photo editor
  • Foxit Reader, PDF reader
  • LibreOffice, Free office suite
  • Cute PDF, Create PDF from all programs by just print to the PDF printer
  • Winrar, Handles compressed files

Click here to download installer

Ninite Standard Installer

Clean up installation with Glary Utilities from Glarysoft

PDF Reducer Pro

Reduce size of PDF files. The program runs in batch mode and can reduce all PDF files in a folder and even subfolders

Go to ORPALIS to download PDF Reducer


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